Shannon is an author who lives in Houston with her dog, Sirius Lee Buddy. She loves speculative fiction (dystopia, urban fantasy, horror) and dark comedy. She works as a developmental and line editor of fiction during the day, and by night she writes ridiculous comedy zombie novels for your delight.

You can look forward to the release of her first novel, Another Mouth to Feed, coming this summer. It’s delicious.

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Screams from the Page


I’m going to be at COMICPALOOZA this weekend. Technically, I’ll actually be representing my developmental editing business. I make my money giving feedback and advice to other speculative fiction writers on their novels. It’s still Read more…


I’m dorking out so hard for Petty the zombie to finally have a face! Isn’t he pretty! My apologies for the low res image. You’ll fall in love with the real thing.